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Cheat Instant Special Jounin "Special High Ninja" is the fourth ninja rank. Jounin can become a Special Jounin by completing the Special Jounin Campaign at the level of 60. The rank of Special Jounin varies from level 60 to level 80.

Every feature the rank of Genin, Chunin and Jounin has, excluding a variety of Daily Tasks from the rank of Genin.
Learn any one of the five division class skills after completing the Special Jounin Campaign.
More Grade A Missions becomes available.
Learn Talents: One Extreme Talent at level 40, one Primary Secret Talent at level 50, and one Secondary Secret Talent at level 60.
Buy weapons and items up to level 80.
Learn skills up to level 80.
Cheat instant special jounin ninja saga, tools fiddler and download swf file, cheat for instant special jounin exam if you level 60, how to use cheat special jounin exam :
tools : FIDDLER
1. Download Fiddler
2. Download File Swf
3. Open Fiddler and Drag Swf File to Fiddler
4. Clear Cache Browse
5. Open Ninja Saga
6. Go to Talent Room
Download SWF File

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Cheat Instant Tensai Special Jounin Ninja Saga
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